Would Justin Bieber Date Me?

Thousands of girls are dying to know: Would Justin Bieber Date Me? Find out if you could be Bieber's girl by answering this short "will Justin Bieber date me?" quiz. Find out if you're Justin's type and maybe you could get a date with the Bieb!

Will Justin Bieber Date Me? Find out with the short, accurate Will Justin Bieber Date Me quiz.:

1. How Old Are You?
a)  10 or under. It's not too early to date is it?
b)  12-14. I heard Justin likes younger girls.
c)  15-17. I'm right in Justin Bieber's age range.
d)  18-21. He's young, but he's sooooo cute.
d)  Over 21. You're not logging my IP are you?

2. Are you famous?
a)  Nobody knows who I am, not even my own classmates.
b)  Justin Bieber replied to me on Twitter once - does that count?.
c)  I'm an actor / singer.
d)  I'm an actor / singer - but nobody actually pays me to do so.
d)  I'm actually the opening act for Bieber's latest tour.

3. Describe your looks:
a)   My body is a nice pear shape.
b)  I eat roughly once/week - it's hard looking this good.
c)   Round is a shape right? Am I Fat?
d)  I'm a 12 year old girl - I look almost exactly like Justin Bieber.

4. Are You A Jealous Person?
a)  Yes. Jasmine Villegas needs to stay away from my man.
b)  Nah, I understand what he goes through on tour.
c)  Not at all - as long as he gets my name tattooed on his chest so everybody knows he's mine.
d)  Why be Jealous? I'd never leave his side.

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